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For many, vanilla Minecraft isn't enough, and after the staff discovered the popularity of the Feed The Beast modpacks, we decided to run our own server. We're using the Ultimate modpack with a few tweaks (such as Xycraft not being installed as it's currently buggy). As with all new games we're running, the FTB server has its own staff team which is separate from the Minecraft staff team.


For anyone not familiar, FTB adds a multitude of different mods (in a similar way to Tekkit, before that became illegal), and the Ultimate pack has as many of them as possible without conflicting mods. Some of these just add new ores or items, but some add whole new ideas (like RedPower2 which adds microblocks and advanced redstone).

On top of the Ultimate modpack, we managed to add certain features by using a special jarfile to improve your experience. This is something that many other servers don't offer! These plugins have been updated to support the new block and item types added by FTB so all your complex sorting systems and gregtech machines are protected too!

Due to a combination of new staff who enjoy playing FTB and have a great understanding of the mods, the hardware we run on, and the enthusiasm we share with the players, the EchoAceGaming FTB server is the place to be!

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