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WithTheCat-Tight Knit Community-7+ years up time!


## WithTheCat
## A place for chill to people

Hallo human, Cat, or whatever you are!
Welcome to our little server thread for our
small community, controlled by the power of the community.
9/10 times changes will only be made if
the community wanting to change it.!
There's a lot of valuable people in our community.
so we are very proud of the people who have
been sticking around even under our phase
of trying out our skills in expert mode!
And we will always like to see more people
of that type which wants to involve our
community to the best of both worlds!

Server Specs
CPU: I7 4770
SSD: 2x256 in RAID 0
Location: Germany

Getting White-listed!

We got no Application form so you are writing in free hand.
which means get creative.
Application must be 250 words or longer for brand new members.
With the only exception being you have a friend that is already in the community, And have been here for more then a month.
Then you're only required to write a min of 50 words.
Things that shall not be in your application is writing about the application process or why you chose our server.
Things that should be in your application, is things like Name, age, interests and such.
You are not required to do so but is very much a factor of joining.
Since as mentioned we are a close and tight community which have a good and well built relations to one and another.
Dut if in case you don't want to talk about your daily stuff.
Then talking about gaming interests is fine as well.

Why should you not join or why should you
Currently the member base Avg age is about 18-25 and that have currently been going up.
So more mature content and talks and text chats are to come with that which is NONE PG13 RATED, So keep that in mind if your sensitive to such things.
We Change Mods packs in intervals of 2 months(mostly) but the catch is that we have two servers running at all time.
Running in a system of (new pack-1 Month->new pack-1 Month->Closes oldest Server and replaces it with new pack-1 Month->) and so on.
So even the fastest players have something to do all the time.
And then new modded players can also have a good 2 months on a single pack.

So Happy Writing!
## Hope to see you soon

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