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MagikCraft is and family friendly minecraft server. We are looking for staff and a player base with murder mystery games survival and creative maps worldedit is enabled in plotme world so show of them builds!! We have a player based economy through auction house with a IGM selling and buying shop we have VIP and donator ranks you can buy through MagikCraft website or through game using /buy command it opens a gui many other gui plugins for easy use!!! earn money and exp through jobs so join a job today and start earning exp and IGM right away !! We have a jobs leader board where people can see top 3 leaders in each job ! Bored we got murder mystery maps to keep you busy ! Like horses mcmmo horses is here first horse free!! Mcmmo for perks and content perks come with VIP and Donator ranks !!! Teamspeak 3 server !! Postal Service plugin for mail allows players to link a placed chest as a mailbox you open to use !!! hope to see you all there ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!

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