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Extended Pack:
Difficulty: Hard (please atleast know basic vanilla and basic modusage on join)

this a a feed the beast pack and is using the monster pack


Q: Why not use whitelist to ensure greifers cant join?
A: Who say they got a banrecord, who dont add 2 years on theyre age if there is an agelimit, and why bother using time on the forums, when its much more fun to play (i know, i know, the free bumps would be awesome ...)?
Thanks Alphaest

Here at FTB-Craft we want to run a server which is how we envision how FTB should be played. This means hard but very rewarding gameplay (It's worth mentioning how excited we were when Gregtech was included into the modpack). We want the game to be rewarding as the key goal. We have already got a player base from beta FTB and are hoping to expand with the full release.

No asshatting
Use common sense
If you think something may be wrong, ask before doing it
Have fun

Some tips:
Don't build close to spawn
Playing with friends is much more fun
Protect yourselfe with MyTown
Server is preffed for experienced players!

If you need staff in game ask:
Owner calanseward123





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