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EpsilionRad Modded Minecraft Servers

EpsilionRad Modded Minecraft Servers


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Infinity Evolved Skyblock 1.7.10

  • Map created: 26-9-16

  • IP:

Infinity Evolved Expert Mode 1.7.10

  • Map created: 26-9-16

  • IP:

FTB Presents HermitPack 1.10.2

  • Map created: 13-10-16

  • IP:


  • Dedicated Server from OVH - 32GB RAM, 4.4Ghz i7 4790k CPU

  • Located in Montreal, Quebec which allows both NA and EU players to get good ping.

  • Experienced/Active Staff

  • No pay to win/voting rewards

  • Active Discord Channel -

  • Discord has been integrated into each server (You can talk to people in Minecraft through our Discord. Automatic Notifications in discord when the server restarts or crashes + commands)

  • 100% uptime - The servers restart every 12 hours automatically and reboots themselves if it crashes.


  • No Griefing/Stealing

  • No Uninvited PVP

  • No Cheating/Bug Abuse


You can apply here, or join us on Discord ( and post in the whitelist channel/PM a staff member.

  • IGN:

  • Age:

  • Which server(s) are you applying for?

  • Will you follow the rules?:

  • Anything you would like us to know?

Server Information:

  • Location: Montreal, Quebec

  • Uptime: 24/7

  • CPU: i7 4790k @4.4ghz

  • RAM: 32GB

  • Storage: Samsung 840 EVO

  • Network: 250Mbps unlimited data + DDOS Protection

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