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Gerdneek's Server


Due to Mojang selling itself to Microsoft and the bukkit being weird I have no idea how the server sites are going to react so i might stop this for awhile untill everything is sorted out.
I will post if the server is down or active.

A New server as of 03:23 (UK time) 11/9/2014, just a simple small server at the moment.

The server is running Direwolf20 1.0.23 along with plugins which are:
Ban Item

This is a survival server to the fullest extent, I don't want to cap players in a way (unless it might crash the server, I'm looking at you Trade O matic).

So spamming is gonna get you banned automatically, but I don't want to say "oh you can't say that" unless someone is being directly abusive to someone language wise, I'm not gonna stop you.

"Un-PC" words will not result in a ban (you can say "sup niggas" and so forth, because friends have their own way of communication).

But using ANY word in a clearly derogatory and hurtful way will result in a kick once and ban forever the second time.

Killing other players will not result in ban, as I wish to implement PvP plugins at a later date.

Main rule of the server: try not to be an appalling person.

I am hoping to make challenges, quests, tournaments etc in which prizes would be given out.
Still playing with additional in game ideas who know what the future holds.
The server is 24/7.

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