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cha0scraft Revelation


There isn't any BS here, you don't have to "vote" to claim chunks, etc. The only requirement is that you not be a huge jerk. ;)

The server is running a mostly unmodified Revelation pack on version 3.1.0 (release).

Oh and although some seem to think of it as a feature, I will say the opposite: NO SPONGE ON THIS SERVER!!

It is a brand new server as of this posting. :)

The world type is BIOMESOP (Biomes o' Plenty).

Server specs:
CPUIntel Xeon
Disk80 GB SSD

There is a Discord server synchronized with Minecraft. Chat back and forth between chat and in-game! You can join the Discord server here:


  • Teleportation commands -- /home, /spawn, /back have all been removed. Please plan your adventures accordingly, and feel the rush of actually taking some risks! ;)


The few things I remove or tweak are in the interest of keeping the game exciting and stable. I have played on too many servers that crumbled apart because they simply couldn't solve the tech aspects despite claiming professional management: constant crashes, weird bugs that no one could fix, etc. I am dedicated to preventing a frustrating experience like that. I will explicitly restrict items or blocks if it's necessary to maintain a working environment for everyone to play. I hate to do it, but I will.

Please always feel free to ask questions or make requests. I like being responsive. I am generally very quick to solve any problems that arise on the server.

Come visit!

One last time, the host is and our discord is See you there!

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