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Oxide Network - Vanilla(1.14.4) & Stoneblock2


Oxide Network is a premium gaming community that provides a superior Minecraft server experience. We are currently looking for new members that want to play Vanilla 1.14.4 or Modded Stoneblock 2 while becoming a friendly Member of the Oxide Network community. We have been working very hard to make this minecraft experience on either server even better with fun plugins and more! This server is an ongoing project and we would you to be part of it. Because the goal of this server is to create a friendly community, so raiding is NOT allowed. You can join our server with the standard Vanilla 1.14.4 profile or the twitch launcher with Stoneblock2 profile (mudpack version 1.15).

Oxide Network also provides extensive community resources to our Members, including a Discord Server, an issue/suggestion tracker and community forums. In addition, we have a Store that offers EULA-compliant perks to our subscribing Contributors, and offers T-Shirts. We are not a Pay2Win community, so all Members, even Contributors, are on equal footing. Check us out at and introduce yourself!



~Oxide Network Team

Gain Access to Commands by: Becoming a Member here:
Oxide Network Server Rules and Guidelines:

Server IP:
Current Version: Minecraft Vanilla v. 1.14.4 & Modded Stoneblock2 v. 1.15.0

North America
Intel Xeon E5-1620v2 | 32GB RAM | 1TB SSD Intel DC S3K | 1 Gbps

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