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Darklands Realms



Custom Spawn Build by our own IrishRaven!
Player Market

Player Market

Our player market where you can rent your own shop and sell to fellow players!

Darklands Realms

"Join the ATM9 Minecraft Server, where creativity meets competition!"

  • Discover a dedicated community with a reliable, lag-free experience on our dedicated host.
  • Our experienced staff team is always available to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.
  • Thriving Player Market: Buy and sell resources, items, and goods with other players, fostering a dynamic economy and endless opportunities.
  • Custom PvP and PvE Battlegrounds: Engage in epic battles on our custom-designed arenas, featuring unique gameplay mechanics and rewards.

Minecraft: 1.20.1
Modpack: 9-0.2.59 Forge -47.2.20

Server Hosted:
USA, New York with 99% Uptime

Economy, McMMO, PvE, PvP, Roleplay, SMP, Survival, Minecolonies

Darklands Realms

Join our vibrant, friendly community today and experience the ultimate Minecraft adventure!

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