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Weekenders Infinity

Weekenders Infinity


Server Name: Weekenders Infinity
Server Locale: Kansas City
Server Address/IP:
Version: 1.7.10
Game Play Type/s: [Towny][Wild PVP][No Griefing] [FTB]
TeamSpeak3 Server :

Description: Weekenders Infinity is the Brand new Feed-The-Beast Infinity Evolved server in the Weekenders Community. We currently run the default ftb infinity evolved 2.5.0 pack with a fully generated map 10000 blocks in all directions. We run towny and lwc for protections. We are primarily a PVE server however we do have PVP enabled in the wild so don't get too comfortable.

Our Server features a fully player run shop system with prices set by players, A fully generated map, Very few banned items, Dedicated Mining world, and Friendly Staff!

The weekenders community servers stay afloat with your donations. With that being said We do not sell any ingame items nor are there any donation ranks at this time however we do have a Donator mining world that will be unlocked for the whole server for a time once a donation goal is reached.

Rules: A more indepth set of rules is listed on our website

  • Killing other players new or old at any of the spawn points is not permitted.
  • Copying other players builds without permission is not permitted.
  • Stealing is not permitted anywhere at anytime.
  • Griefing is not allowed anywhere. You are being logged, and you will be found out.
  • Offensive Minecraft character skins will not be tolerated.
  • Glitching and/or using exploits will not be tolerated.
  • Asking for promotions or more in-game commands will be ignored.
  • Do not set home in or near other players land without their expressed permission.
  • Intentional lagging of the server using Redstone or other items will not be tolerated.

Server Hardware: Dedicated server: - Intel i7 4790K, 4 Ghz, 64G Ram, SSD, Linux
Plugins: [Essentials] [WorldBorder] [LWC] [Auto-Rank] [Vault] [PermissionsEx] [WorldGuard] [SignShop2] [Towny]
Owners: Music, RealGhostHunter

I went on the server and immediately was greeted by 7-8 players all saying "Welcome :D". I gotta admit, that's one of the things I look for first when I join a server.

Even after that, one of the admins (I think his name was nazari) was all about showing me the mods I was asking about. Got my vote :)
Posted 11th Aug 2016
The above review is completely false. As the server owner and at the time sole admin on this server i can verify that this never took place and never will. The only people that are ever banned on our servers are people that cannot follow the rules and anyone banned is posted on our forums for everyone to view so please dont take my word for it. Read for yourself at

Our community is very welcoming and we love to have new players to come make this their new home. I am always available to anyone at anytime via our website so please get ahold of me if you want more information.
Posted 8th Aug 2016
I've been with the Weekenders community for some time now, not long after it was started. The number one thing that kept me with them and not any other community was the staff. These guys welcome anybody that comes in as not just a player, not just as some number, but as part of the Weekenders family. They bring this same hospitality to the Infinity server.
Posted 23rd Jul 2016