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I have decided to open a Public Infinity Server, There will be alot of great features and plugins added, however, it is really slow going with no players.
Trying to go for a friendly community, but one that is also fun.. Looking for Players and Staff Members alike..
Posted the server before, but it seemed that players were not given build commands upon entry, that problem has since been fixed, and now able to do as you wish ^_^
First 10 players gets a free 10,000 ingame currency and access to /nick, and automatic consideration for a staff position.

The staff positions we are looking for are as follows (Some positions pay real money)
Jr. Mod (Non-Commission)
Moderator (Non-Commission)
Staff Manager (Partial Commission)
Jr. Administrator (Non-Commission)
Administrator (Partial Commission)
Head Administrator (Full Commission)
Web Design Team (Full Commission) - Paid upon activity
Promotional Team (Commissioned for every donated player)

Staff member pay depends on the total number of players who donated, the amount raised every week, and the amount of on-time you have per week.

Look Forward to seeing you all ^^ we are going to build something Beautiful together ^^

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