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Volition Gaming - Family Friendly Feed The Beast


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about Volition Gaming

Volition Gaming is a community of mature players who enjoy playing together in a family friendly atmosphere. No foul language, no constant off-color jokes, no drama, just fun times. We were created as a place where families could get together and spend some time getting to know other like-minded families, or just to hang out and be able to play together in a multiplayer environment without the fear of having to censor things for their children (or just for those of us who don't like hear that type of stuff).

While we restrict normal membership to 18+, there are younger children around that are playing with their parents or siblings. You must be 18+ to apply for the whitelist, but once on the whitelist you can invite family members (hence resulting in younger children).

server specs
10gb RAM (up to 32gb available when needed)
3.4ghz Intel Xeon E3-1245v3 Processor
Solid State Drive
Daily off-site backups
Auto Save-All every 5 minutes, safe from long roll backs!

server details
We are currently running on FTB Unleashed 1.1.4 with all mods except Mystcraft, Vending and Death Timer activated
Normal Difficulty
There are currently no banned items
Mining World (reset on a regular basis)
Creative World
Stargates for travel!

No griefing
No stealing
Be respectful to everyone
Don't enter someone's base uninvited
Don't leave floating trees
Only consentual pvp is allowed
Racism, sexism, foul language, etc will not be tolerated
Age is 18+ (and mature) unless you are joining as a family
Political, religious, etc discussions ARE allowed as long as they remain civil. We are friends in this community and anyone who disrupts that will be banned. Disagreement does not require arguement.

whitelist application process

In order to provide the type of environment that we want on Volition Gaming, we have a stringent white-list application in place as well as limited membership slots. We only want those who are serious about wanting a family friendly environment to be a part of the community. For this reason, in order to become a member of the server you must go through the following application process:

If you would like to just look around the server without receiving build rights, feel free to register and post in this thread to request Sightseer access. We have a separate "Sightseer" rank that allows people to explore the server without build rights. This rank is given for a limited time and for limited reasons, feel free to ask if you have questions about it.

Step 1: Register at
Step 2: Complete the application at

What happens next?

Scenario 1: You are 18+, The server owner likes your application and you are whitelisted and promoted to greenhorn or builder
Scenario 2: The server owner can't quite decide on your application, so it is put to a vote to the exisiting memberbase and they decide if you will be rejected or whitelisted with either Builder or Greenhorn* rank

*Greenhorn is a probationary rank to judge level of maturity or if applicant will be a good fit for our community. Greenhorns are evaluated on a weekly basis for further promotion to Builder.

other information

Chunk Loaders are slightly limited. When you first join the server you will only have access to personal anchors. Once you have shown your dedication to the server (or donated a specific amount) and obtained a sufficient rank, you will gain access to all other chunk loaders.

Shared Storage Program - we are a community of friends, and because of this some of us like to give our unneeded supplies away. We have a Shared Storage system that certain ranks have access to. Players can drop items into an enderchest and they are sent to this shared storage area for others to use if they need.

New Member Presents - Similar to the Shared Storage Program, we also have donations for new members. We do not spawn any items on this server, so everything available to new members is donated by the current members.

Why no Mystcraft? - In order to ensure the stability of the server, we do not want dozens of random ages taking up server resources. We have a dedicated mining world as well as a creative world.


Donations are completely optional, and help to support the running and upgrading of the server and website.

We have a rank structure on the server that allows for more abilities, player commands, and other perks. The ranks are earned through activity and dedication to the server. However, for those that want to help support the server...equivalent ranks can also be awarded via donations. (please note: the highest and most prestigious rank must be can not be received via donation)

Donations are one time or subscription based only - we do not offer items or kits for donations.


Current Staff:
Staxed - Owner/Admin

Do not ask for a staff position. Staff members are chosen based off of their willingness to help the community and their skill. When staff members are needed, they will be chosen from the existing member base.

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