This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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ArchaismCraft [DW20][Survival][Everything Enabled]


We are a brand new DW20 Survival server
1.No Cheating/ Hacking in anyway
2.No Abusing bugs
3.No Griefing (Stealing allowed, but not utility blocks)
4.Keep chat appropriate (NO racial slurs please keep everything friendly)
5.If you did not place the block it is not yours
6.No spamming or advertisements
7.Follow all rules or leave
Rank Description How to Earn
Owner Chris1668 Play around on server and help out with issues Just Me

Staff Incharge of dealing with any In Game Issues Staff Responsibilities After becoming Trusted and proving your self by helping others (Hand selected few, please don't ask)

Trusted Full-Access to just about everything and limited anchors See Blacklist After playing for a while on the server and showing that you can be trusted

Member Limited-Access to everything See Blacklist Everyone starts here

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