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DensityCraft Network

No active staff..
Usseless rank and voting system
Half of the modpakcs listed in its info are discontinued.
Constant resets, wipes
Posted 9th May 2017
this server is actually kind of bad... the admins always ignore you unless you kiss their butts, they don't ever help anyone who gets griefed... and the admins are ban happy. ignore the obvious shill below me, because this server actually sucks. instead of trying to do damage control, admins should work on fixing their attitude and server instead. i don't ever talk in the chat because everyone is either sucking up or getting banned for speaking their mind. the server does runs good mostly, but it does lag occasionally. also the server restarts all the time and the parkour in the server lobby is not well designed. i also see trolls come on and the admins have no idea how to deal with them, its kind of embarrassing.

i only came on here to vote but i seen the negative reviews and its kind of fishy how there is a really positive review right after on the same day.
Posted 5th May 2017
I made an account on here specifically to review this server. I was not given any "freebies" for reviewing, nor was I asked to do so.

I have been playing Minecraft for a good number of years now, and I have been everything from rookie player to server admin, which has led me to become very picky about which servers I stick with.

I love this server.

I am playing on the infinity server hosted by DensityCraft right now, and I have very very few complaints. The people complaining about "vague" rules - the "difficulty finding the rules" and "necessary command" is /rules. Wow, surprise, right? This is common on servers. The rules are pretty straightforward - basically don't be a jerk, don't cuss too much, that sort of thing. There is lag now and then, but that is also common on modded servers.

My ONLY complaint about the server is the fact that they know that the Twilight Forest causes lag but still have it enabled, which is actually (from what I've seen on other infinity servers) pretty uncommon. Don't get me wrong - I love the twilight forest, it's a great mod, but the lag when people start flying through it can be ridiculous.

That said, I'd like to address some of the other complaints I've seen in the reviews so far with my own personal experiences with this server:
- Ranks are based on login time, so if you're setting up an "afk-bypass" deal, it's probably going to get you in trouble, or even your playtime reset. But really, no surprise there, right?
- Some of the staff are only staff on certain servers. This server hosts many different modpacks, so I really don't fault a mod on one server not knowing the intricacies of the mods on a server they don't play. There's nearly 200 mods on Infinity alone.
- Personally I like the combined server chat - you can easily tell which player is on what server, and with only maybe 30 people tops online at a time it's really not too hectic.
- Staff aren't always online, but I'd rather have a server that chooses QUALITY staff over QUANTITY staff. There is also a server discord if you need to IMMEDIATELY contact someone.
Posted 4th May 2017
The server replied:
Seriously.. that makes no sense but we are welcome to help you if you login to the discord server.
Posted 17th Mar 2017
Really liked this server when i joined, staff were very pleasant and the player base was just as good some minor exceptions but still a great server overall. new to a lot of the play style, but they are always expanding and adding new and different features which is great too.
Posted 28th Nov 2016
Nice server, I like that they have skyblock. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.
Posted 23rd Nov 2016
Have been playing the server for a couple weeks now, staff are very friendly and generally fair, as long as you have a little patience most issues are resolved quickly.

Playing on the Expert server it's rare that you'll experience any TPS lag, admins swiftly find the cause of bad TPS and take action to resolve it.

The community has its bad apples, as does any but the majority of players have at least a modicum of respect and the Expert/Skyblock community overall is pretty good. If you prefer PvP the normal servers are probably the best place for you, although all servers are PvP enabled you'll very rarely see PvP on Expert or Skyblock.
Posted 21st Nov 2016
It's not a bad server, per say, but it's also not great either. It is certainly a server I might consider returning to if they manage to fix their issues but otherwise I can't say I'd play or recommend this server to anyone seeking to play expert or skyblock.

Most of the staff...honestly shouldn't be staff, as they don't know the mods overly well and are unresponsive when you have issues. Consistent but random micro-rollbacks that cost you materials and structures that no one has any idea the cause of and therefor cannot fix other than telling you to move - even though there is still the risk of the micro-rollback. The chat being combined is more obnoxious than helpful, as Normal is the most populated server and the players tend to drown the chats from Expert and Skyblock. There's ONLY global-server chat, there is no server-specific or town chat. Much of the community itself is irritating and filled to the brim with complaints and demands.
The server replied:
The micro-rollbacks were fixed and you were in a corrupted chunk that is why we told you to move that is all, and we also were helping you move. The chat is linked so players and staff can help others when they have an issue, not all staff is on every server so if chat wasn't connected a lot wouldn't know there are issues. There is nothing wrong with skyblock so im not to sure what that is about lol, its a normal skyblock server? But if you have suggestions and such please feel free to go on the forums and submit them we will gladly consider all of them! Thank you!
Posted 10th Nov 2016
Great server with a TOWNY!!! It also has a great development team that works on fixing bugs and dupes and letting people use the items instead of just banning every bad thing.

They are working on staff and getting better and bigger each day :)
Posted 9th Nov 2016
Wasn't even on the server for a minute. The moment I randomly teleport, I get pked and lose everything. After using the random teleport once, you then have to wait a minute to use rtp to leave the spawn again. Nope.
The server replied:
This is my first time hearing of this if it was told to staff they probably would have gladly helped you get your stuff or give you the starter kit!
Posted 6th Nov 2016
Its so fun and the community is very friendly and the admins / mods / devs are very nice and are good to help
Posted 16th Oct 2016
Extremely awesome server. Responsive mods, admins, an active dev fixing bugs instead of banning items, i'd reccomend this to anyone with FTB Infinity or Infinity Skyblock
Posted 16th Oct 2016
The server works well after checking others this one was the most lag free for me. Things just work and I don't have to worry about the many of the problems on other servers such as entities being deleted constantly before I can even pick up what I mined, or the smelter not melting ores because of lag. I don' t have those problems on this server.

The staff answers questions and deals with problems in a mature manner, and its really been a pleasure to play on this server.
Posted 15th Oct 2016
This server is great, I've tried a few out and usually found immature staff, or technical problems with the server itself. I can really appreciate the attentiveness the team puts into DensityCraft and anytime there is a problem, it's fixed promptly. The community is helpful, and personable, and the best part is... NO LAG (and I'm from the UK) !

I don't have to wait ages for my furnace to work. 10/10 would play again.
Posted 13th Oct 2016
-This server runs at 20 TPS. Even at peak times
-Custom fixes for items that are normally, universally banned across all servers
-Fun, progressive play style. Towny is integrated, and modified by the resident developer to work with FTB flawlessly. (ME terminals can't be accessed in protect areas for example)

-VERY few banned items, and they are fixing the problems with them allowing them to be allowed again.

Awesome, professional staff team. It's just a great server overall.
Posted 30th Sep 2016