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Goreacraft - FTB Infinity Evolved - 1.7.10


Welcome to Goreacraft's FTB Infinity Evolved!
Version: Recommended (3.1.0 on 1.7.10)

--------------NEW MAP! JUST RESET: NOV 23, 2023--------------

Return to the golden age of Modded Minecraft with FTB’s most popular kitchen sink modpack, Infinity Evolved! Enjoy classic mods and easy combat with a community over 10 years strong.

Journey through the server and enjoy our rich assortment of plugins:
--- Use Towny to conquer the land and protect your hard work, or use it to invite your friends and collaborate together to try out all that the mudpack has to offer.
--- Experience Minecraft’s infinite economy with our player market. Our Fusion Market plugin was written in-house from the ground up to support selling even the most complicated modded items!
--- Explore vast worlds and even get your own private world with Multiverse!

We pride ourselves in trying to find the best possible experience to further enrich the server and making the community a real home to stay and be comfortable. We encourage everyone to chat in-game and on Discord to make long-lasting friends!

Still have unanswered questions? Don't be afraid to ask one of our staff members, we are always available through Discord.

As you enter our server we ask that you check /rules and /banneditems. Our restriction plugins are totally custom and built in-house, so don't be shy to suggest an idea.

We hope you enjoy your stay on our server! See you soon.

I have played 100 hours on this server as of writing this review. I have given it a fair shot. First let me say that it started out great. People were friendly because they wanted new players to stay. Owner was fairly active and helpful. BUT, As the time has gone on, they have essentially given up on any game fairness. When i was still a noob on the server, the owners friends broke server rules, bypassing towny land protection and killing me, and ruining my things. I have bought their second highest rank, so i felt this was unjust. Nothing was done about this. Fast forward to today, i am hanging out, causing no damage or destruction, on another persons land. which is not against the rules. The owner decided to remove me from the land, and remove the items from my inventory. He then threatened to explode my base. This is obvious favoritism on this server, even after i have gone out of my way to support this server financially. I had planned to again as well, Not any more. I will probably be looking for a new server to play on, if you decide to play here, i recommend turning off your chat and pretending noone else is on with you. and if the owners friends show up to your land, instantly log out.
Posted 14th Sep 2022
Good server with custom fixes.
Posted 2nd Feb 2022
yes, cool, nice, good, yes/yes
Posted 13th Feb 2021
great server. fun to play. Competent, responsive, and active staff if using discord. @thearistocrats is almost always available on discord to the fact you wonder if he has a life and just how stinky his chair is. plus i heard flea has a yuge cawkkkk uwu
Posted 25th Mar 2020
Great server for me, nice people and staff.
Posted 8th Mar 2020
Not bad, i've been playing for a while and everything looks fine so far.
Posted 10th Sep 2019
It's a good server, worth to look in.
Posted 10th Sep 2019
Was looking promising at first, then realized its a pay to win server.
Spawn and market got griefed and never fixed the 2 weeks i played there. Staff never online unless you attack their EGO in chat. They will ban items because they are too clueless to fix bugs.

They temporarily ban items while they plan a fix but make your mind, if placing back dirt blocks at market takes 2 weeks, go figure a fix.

Staff was looking competent at first but ends up being just a kid on a huge ego power trip.
Posted 25th Jan 2019
great server, community and staff are nice. I have chosen this server over sleep many a weeknight
Posted 24th Dec 2018
Really a high quality server. They are like the small business of servers. Not so big that theres no personality, but not so small that it's one person doing everything. Custom plugins are nice, and staff is constantly working to improve
Posted 24th Dec 2018
everything it wonderful but the lag makes it near unplayable build your empire but make sure to place/break that block 6 times
Posted 22nd Sep 2018
very active staff, they do their best to keep the server running smooth
Posted 8th Jan 2018
server is crap server is crap server is crap server is crap server is crap server is crap server is crap server is crap server is crap
The server replied:
Yes server is crap, but we try polish it well. However we are constantly reminded that its impossible to polish a turd
Posted 31st Dec 2017
Nice people, good tickrate
Posted 21st Dec 2017
Server is whitelisted. No information give to access whitelist. Fail.
The server replied:
At the time of your post, the server was whitelisted as we were resetting the map. If you were to bother to check our website which led to our discord you would have been able to find out.

You are able to join now, if you are wondering
Posted 9th Dec 2017