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Mystical Machines ★ Stoneblock 2 ★ PvE


Mystical Machines Information

**FTB Stoneblock 2 – 1.12.2**
**MC Eternal– 1.12.2**
**Seablock: Rustic Waters– 1.12.2**
**Compact Claustrophobia– 1.12.2**
**FTB Presents: Sky Factory 4– 1.12.2**

~~~~~~~~~~~~ **Description** ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mystical Machines is a new modded Minecraft network with the goal of keeping a small community, with few high-quality servers. We will achieve this by having player caps on servers, by keeping over 80% of the used plugins to be custom made and by only offering a limited amount of modpacks. Hosting only a few modpacks and keeping strict player caps on servers, allows us to keep the community small and not scale into a massive network.
Mystical Machines is run by Brend, also known as Rubbertjuh. He has over 8 years of experience in hosting Minecraft servers and was also the founder of ToastyNetworks. ToastyNetworks was a network that used to be one of the biggest modded Minecraft networks in the world but shut down recently. After retiring for a while, Rubbertjuh's interest in community management, plugin development and modded Minecraft reignited.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ **Main Features** ~~~~~~~~~~~~
- Exclusive plugins and mods to improve everyone's experience!
- Advanced backup system that backs up every 10 minutes!
- Rollback system to easily rollback player inventory or parts of the world
- Professional administration
- Trained staff
- Support ticket system: both in-game and on our Discord server
- Cosmetics items and effects
- Kits
- Crates with cool rewards!
- Over 80% of plugins used are custom made!

The modpack rotation server will be hosting mostly lesser-known modpacks.
[Check us out on our website if you want more information](
[Join our Discord and be part of the community](
The staff are helpful, the servers are stable, and the community is kind. No complaints here, I used to run an FTB server myself and have been looking for a good place to call home. I found it with Mystical.
Posted 20th Sep 2021
Laggy for what it is. Expected way more from the people who used to run toasty.
Posted 22nd Apr 2021
Did you love DeVco FTB? Or maybe ToastyNetworks?

If yes, you will love MysticalMachines!
Or if you just love stable modded servers with great staff, the answer is the same!
Posted 3rd Sep 2020
This server is LIT. The staff is awesome, and the server is stable. The banned items are limited to things that actually are an issue, like things that crash the server. The players are awesome, too. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, unlike some other servers I tried to play and nobody talks, and when you have a question you are out of luck.

100/10, highly recommended.
Posted 22nd Feb 2020