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EDMcraft FTB Infinity Lite

EDMcraft FTB Infinity Lite


FTB Infinity lite

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Was loving the server, with the exception of the constant forest fires, not sure why fire spread is still on, but my "forest" looks like a nuke went off and is now a whole lot more Meadow and FTB Utilities wasnt protecting the property I had claimed
The server replied:
Did you try moving somewhere else away from your forest? Maybe it was that spot in particular that kept catching on fire.
Posted 27th Nov 2016
I've played a couple hours and was really enjoying it. Its a nice yet fairly quiet server.
However I am currently experiencing an issue, whenever I join a second later I get an error message and get kicked from the server.
Posted 15th Oct 2016
One of the best severs I have played on, also one of my favorites that i spent plenty of hours on, worth a try on this server i do say
Posted 21st Aug 2016