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Hey everyone!

So this is a server we just opened! It is hosted in Germany! It has a 100MB line and 11GB of RAM (May change to 12GB) I live in South Africa and it works quite well with lag

every now and again. My buddy in the US and other buddy in Netherlands have no lag at all.

Server IP:

FTB Pack: Monster 1.1.1

No whitelisted mods.

BANNED: Magic Bees, PortalGun, Mystcraft

Main Plugins: Essential+ECO, MCMMO, CookieMonster, Mcjobs, Griefprevention. (There are other plugins but they are not important ;) )

Difficulty is Normal but you Keep Your inventory on death and there is no Mob Griefing!

Hardware specs: As I said before We run on 11GB RAM and a 100MB unshaped and uncapped line!

Slots: 50

The gamemode is survival and we need a girl admin due to our sexism rule and we all look at sexism differently.

Be Respectful
Be ehtical
Use common sense
No Racism AT ALL
No Sexism
No asking to be admin.
No asking admin for things

People who are seen regularly on the server may be promoted to Moderators and possibly in some cases Admin.

Hope to see you on the server and thanks for supporting my music everyone!

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