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The real deal with experienced staff and a friendly player base.
PvE; Adventure out and find a place to build;
Normal mobs and animals.
This Is an economy server: Server shop, Vault, Iconomy
Useful commands for players; /back /tpa
Canvas bags and Arcane Worktables are allowed - Dupes fixed
MCMMO rank up! - Skills!
Seasoned Staff - They're professional.
Prism block logging
Donation packages - Cheap and loaded with great items; Helps the server greatly! Vote n earn rewards! And we love our players

Destroying what Is not yours, Isn't tolerated. You will be caught. You will be banned. No stealing; Don't do it. Asking staff for administrator level privileges will get you muted. We support free-speech, don't abuse it. Once again, we're laid back and all we ask Is to following the rules

Processor; E5-1620 Xeon Mem; 64GB 1600mhz DDR3 ECC; 24GB for Java. ( overkill, this Is stupid ) x4 120GB SSD's In Raid 10 Supermicro hardware; It's the best 1gbps connection speed on a large backbone. Server hosted In Buffalo, NY Datacenter.

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