This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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BloxCraft Unleashed (1.1.7, No Lag, TS3/Web, White


Welcome to BloxCraft Unleashed (1.1.7)

Server IP:

Teamspeak IP:




About Us

BloxCraft Unleashed was made a couple days ago, with the idea of building a strong, mature community where people could call there server home. We are an 18+ server (Minus a few exceptions) that's dedicated to having a fun filled, layed back time. We aren't strict and want you to do as you please while you play. Still going through trial and error stuff, and many updates left to do, but i think it will be great in the long run.

Server Info

  • 24/7 (unless update, or restart) Server
  • Survival, Easy Diff (WIll be raised if people want it)
  • Feed The Beast Unleashed v1.1.7
  • 40 slots (72 by default, might lower to 20, just depends)
  • Fragnet Hosting located in Atlanta Georgia, USA
  • Daily backups, and server restart.


  • Be Respectful - Just in general, respect other players and you'll be respected back.
  • No Greifing - Griefing is hereby defined as anything intentionally done, that brings frustration, anger or annoyance to any other player, and includes (but is not limited to): killing off penned animals; destroying blocks/buildings/farms/etc; stalking/killing/hunting other players; drastically changing buildings/structures/farms without asking; using up or draining someone's power without replacing or asking; moving, stealing or "borrowing" items or blocks without asking...Notice a trend here? Always ASK FIRST. Chances are it's okay to use or borrow something, as long as you communicate.
  • Clean up after yourself - If you break something on accident, replace it; don't leave floating trees, replant farms, re-breed animals, etc.
  • Cheating/Hacks and exploiting game bugs will not be tolerated, and will result in a Ban.
  • PVP Enabled - Just don't harass others If they don't want to PVP.

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