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  • Server Location: Canada|BHS
  • Server Address:|
  • Version: 1.7.10
  • Game Play Type/s: [SMP] [TPPI2] [ECO] [Mytown]

Ascendancy is a survival-focused TPPI2 server. We offer a few quality-of-life improvements to the game but the experience is mostly unaltered. There are no banned features or items. Just obey the rules, and everyone has a nice place to enjoy such an awesome modpack. Self/Community moderation is encouraged. Any issues that require outstanding attention send /mail to _Magnum.


  • [1] Be respectful, be ethical. Use common sense.

  • [2] It's survival. PvP is enabled but it's not your main focus. Use common courtesy. Same goes for raiding/griefing.

  • [3] All players are responsible for their actions. If your actions are deemed inappropriate by a staff member, their verdict is final. Challenging a dispute will only worsen the consequences.

  • [4] Active efforts to exploit or manipulate systems that this server utilizes will result in punishment.

  • [5] Referring to [3], reporting exploits or manipulations will result in reward.

  • [6] We decide what is spam, you don't. If you get told to stop spamming, that is not an invitation for debate. Just stop.

  • [7] Advertising will always earn you a shiny ban.

  • [8] We hire staff members based on merit. There is no application process. So no, you can't apply for staff. Stick around and show your worth, we'll go from there.

  • [9] Any harassment will be met with aggressive action. Don't be a sore loser, and don't be a cocky asshole. 2-way street.

  • [10] Have fun. Make friends with your neighbors. Or enemies. Build cities, build castles. Build roads. Enjoy everything this awesome game has to offer!

  • Server Hardware: Dedicated server: - Intel Core i7 4790k / 3.8GHz+ / 16 GB DDR3 Ram / 2x 250GB SSD / 1000 MBps (hosted with OVH)
  • Plugins:MyTown 2, Essentials, Enchants Plus, Creeper Control,
  • Owner: _Magnum
This is a great new server, haven't had a second of lag yet, fresh new start as of November 12th, no limits, and a nice clean server to bring back TPPI in the form of the Ascendancy server. A few plugins such as Eco and myTown for protection, have zero complaints as it is just an augmented version of TPPI playable with the default pack.
Posted 12th Nov 2016