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JaxterGaming FTB Ultimate Server (Greylisted!)

About this server:
This server is an ever growing/ever improving server with mature staff who love working to create the best Minecraft gaming experience you can have! This server is on a dedicated machine that is up 24/7. The only time we go down is due to maintenance.

Server Specs:

  • 16 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 3.2 GHZ E3-1230 Processor
  • 1gbps Uplink!
  • 500GB HDD x1


  • NO BANNED ITEMS!:As of yet we are running a server with NO banned items! We hope all players on this server, will help keep a fun/mature community of non-hackers and non-griefers! :)
  • Always adding more - We are adding more content every single week and improving the server based on user suggestions in our forums


[1] No Hacking
[2] Be Respectful to Staff and other Players
[3] Do Not ask for ranks/items/teleports (to/from players or staff)
[4] Swearing is allowed if kept to a minimum!
[5] Keep personal beliefs/religion/political chat to minimum in global (that is what private chat is for)
[6] Griefing/Raiding IS Allowed on certain worlds... Check website for more info!
[7] No Advertising your servers/websites.
[8] Do not set home in other people's homes/territory unless that person agrees to let you.
[9] No Impersonating Staff!
All staff will have
A JG in their name in chat
An Underline below their name (above their head)
[10] Auto-damage Mob Grinders/Spawners are Illegal! (Not bannable just illegal)
[11] No AFK machines/pools or anything that moves you while AFK (to keep you from being AFK)
[12] If you are in affiliation with someone who is hacking/breaking rules and do not report it, you are just as guilty!
[13] Use /modreq to send in tickets for help from JaxterGaming staff members.

We have been running Minecraft servers since February of 2011. We hope you enjoy the server and the community!
The community are what build/make the server what it is, so if you join/play here try to make it your home.

We are a greylisted FTB Ultimate server. Meaning you can join but you must apply on the forums to be added as a member to play :). Forum on our website, link below!

Check website for FTB Ultimate specific features/information.

FTB Ultimate Server IP:
Port: Default (25565)

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