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Rise of the Oblivion are proud to present our MindCrack FTB serverthe least We are working on becoming the least laggest server.

Rise of the Oblivion is PvP based server we you can test your skills in the Oblivion world.


No Caps, Swearing, Spamming or Advertising in the chat. Respect Staff and Other player's No Griefing No Hacking or Any sort of Xray Texturepacks No asking for spawned item's No using portal guns in spawn No using portals while in combat No advertising No spawn killing No asking for Admin or Mod or creative mode Features:

A fully bukkit compatible server. We have the following plugins:

Factions LWC Essentials for Economy and Homes Anti PVP teleport ChestShops A Plugin Manager which allows us to remove, add or update plugins without any downtime. Disabled Mods:

ChickenChunks Twilight Forest (May be re-enabled in the future) TrainCraft (May also be re-enabled in the future) ThaumCraft (May also also be re-enabled, but most likely not) modularforcefieldsystem Banned Items:

Nukes Chunk loaders Mining Lasers Portal gunS Melee, Felling and Mining Turtles

Locking Machines, Chests and Doors:

All chests,Most common machines. Simply type /cprivate - and right click on the block you wish to lock to lock it.

You can allow others access as well by typing /cmodify (username) - and right clicking the block you wish to change.

For more advanced uses of locking, type /lwc .

Factions currently cost $5000 in-game. Spawn shops are also available for $2000 per floor/plot. These are build by the staff with whatever block you want, or you may want to build it yourself.

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