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FTBInventions 24/7 Economy Survival Server

  • Player Shops
  • Skills (Mining, Woodcutting and more )
  • Just join and build no stupid signup.
  • Griefprevention with modded protection
  • Taxes Plugin (ChestShop 8% tax) and Balance Budget Tax, Type /tax)
  • MobCash rewards
  • Timbermod, Choptree, Treeassist
  • No rollbacks
  • Low banned items
  • Awesome voting rewards
  • Sick ass staff
Great new server! Come and join today!
Posted 20th Aug 2016
New Server but, very well done all the things promised in the description!!
Posted 20th Aug 2016
Brand new server but very good, it is growing fast
Posted 20th Aug 2016