THIS IS A SERVER FOR THE MODPACKTHE CRAFTING DEAD This is a Survival, scavenge end of dayz type server there is not mining or breaking blocks its based in a huge city where there are tons of items to be found and used. camp out in an abandoned apartment building or in the basement of a hospitol but dont stay to long because you have zombies out for your brain and other people out for your gear!

in order to play on this server you must download and use the technic launcher found@


Once you get the launcher open it and select add modpack on the left.

in the box it asks for a link

put in


this link is found by selecting the mods tab on the technic page and clicking browse more mods then the frafting dead link which is 5th from the top

once you have pasted the link in the "add mod" section of the launcher just launch the game and it will download for you!