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RedCraft - FTB Ultimate 1.4.7



Come and join us today :)


Our Spawn, are you a bilder? Please come to us and tell us.


Our Rules and Banned items, at the other side is more information. Join us to see wich Info :p


We are a brand new FTB Ultimate 1.4.7 Server!
Friendly staff and a Dedicated Java Developer.

Dedicated Server with high specs.
Soon Bungeecord Setup.

Still recruiting people so feel free to be a RedStaff :)

We try to keep as simple as possible, so our players have the best gameplay they can have.

Come and Join us! Be today a RED Member :)

Tuber, if you see this please go see your email and read what I sent you. If you didn't get it, please put your email somewhere on the server, maybe in the spawn of the server or on this webpage. This is because the websites down and I cant contact you there.

Sorry I have posted this here but I need to get in contact with you

ijacki now kingmier(new name)
Posted 16th Nov 2016
You should try not to shutdown the server every once and a while. It's quite a disappointment
Posted 26th Sep 2016