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OracleFTB Infinity

OracleFTB Infinity

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OracleFTB Infinity Features


  • Few banned items!

  • ChunkLoaders are allowed!

  • Quarries and Ender Quarries are allowed!

  • Nothing is playtime restricted!

  • Community feedback is appreciated!

  • Active Owners/admins!

  • Play how you want!


Server rules!


  • Do not steal/grief from other players.

  • Do not attempt to bypass protected areas.

  • Do not intentionally try to cause server lag.

  • Use common sense and respect everyone around you.


Server Specs


  • x2 Intel Xeon E5-2670v2

  • 2.5GHz (3.3GHz+ Burst)

  • 10 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz RAM

  • Everything is run on high grade SSD's


Complete copy of
The server replied:
Completely untrue, this guy is upset because we share a similar name and we've got a larger playerbase
Posted 24th Nov 2016