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Alpha site - Survival


Alpha site is a fun & friendly, dedicated, PvE, survival server where its all about surviving and having fun. The server is active 24-7, has DDOS protection and restarts ever 4 hours. Our custom ranking system and currency system lets you progress as you survive and earn rewards for kills and ranking up.

Community - we have a great community, always active and having a laugh.
Staff - active and friendly staff, always there if you need help.
Ranking - custom system, level progression with rewards.
Currency - custom system, earn caps for kills and ranking up.
Hard Survival - its going to be tough and the road is long, but together we are strong.
PvE - the server is primarily PvE, but we do permit PvP in the arena.

come and join us fighting for survival.

Very great server owner is very friendly and he treats us as GREAT!!!
Posted 15th Apr 2017