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First Ascension FTB Unleashed v1.1.7


We are a fresh new server looking or dedicated but also casual players. We want you to become part of a great new server that will grow into a potential network that will cater for all types of players. Have very little banned items. We have a mining world in which you can use mining turtles and quarries for mining purposes only.

However we do not tolerate people who would want to come onto the server for griefing purposes.

We offer a stable server that has a great staff base with a bunch of plugins for an interesting play. You can expect player shops a tutorial area coming soon. You can earn money from jobs and from killing mobs. No taxes to worry about.

This server was created for the chilled players out there.

Please note that the server is not live yet and we are still working on ironing out the bugs. Eta release should be on Halloween.

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