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AzureCraft |Direwolf 1.10.2 |New|Discord


Welcome to AzureCraft
This a newly opened server, has been being
developed for the past week
We are running Direwolf20 (1.10) you can connect with
We hope to see you in game and to enjoy this lovely new server :)

You can connect to our Discord with

★Direwolf20 (1.10.2) ★Latest Plugins
★Discord ★24/7 Uptime ★Dedicated Staff ★Nice Players ★Enjin Website (Coming Soon) ★Claiming ★Economy ★Protection

★FoxGuard(Foxcore) ★Greifprevention ★Nations ★Nucleus ★PermissionManager

-Staff Needed
You can apply for staff in #applications on our Discord which is listed above :)

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