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StonerBros REGROWTH v1.0.1

Starting to regrow...

Starting to regrow...

Early game stages
Building a shelter...

Building a shelter...

Because the night is full of danger
Adventure awaits...

Adventure awaits...

HINT Please make sure that your FTB legacy launcher or Curse launcher has at least 3GB of RAM allocated to JAVA else mod-pack will fail to load. It takes a while until game loads, please do not panic and be patient :)

Please copy/paste this IP into your Minecraft client:

To visit StonerBros website please click
To visit Regrowth WIKI for info and MOD List please click
To download Launcher (Curse or FTB Legacy) required to play this mod-pack please click
To preview Gameplay of the mod-pack please click
To join our Discord Voice Chat please click

Server Rules

  1. No griefing.
  2. No spamming.
  3. No item duping.
  4. No hacking.
  5. Avoid item trading.
  6. No stealing.

About Mod-Pack

What Happens when Nature goes missing? How will you work to recover it? Regrowth is an HQM based pack without the common Hardcore aspect where you seek to solve these problems. You'll start in a wasteland and eventually have the means to create a thriving magical and technical infrastructure.

About Server

  • Dedicated REGROWTH v1.0.0 mod-pack server.
  • Hosted on crafty machine in France with over 100MB/s internet speed and low-ping for players from USA, Canada, UK or Europe.
  • Render distance set to 12 chunks. A fact that you can actually see what's in front of you makes gameplay better.
  • Few plugins to balance out Multiplayer. Grief Prevention - to protect your builds and Essentials - to provide basic commands (most of commands are disabled).
  • Auto rank-up system. You will rank-up over time with no advantage over other players, just a cosmetic chat prefix will be given.
  • Mature server owner who is ready to listen to players and build this server together.

Server Staff

  • Lauris1988 - Owner
  • badbojus - Owner

Enjoy your stay and good luck completing quests!

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