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KookyKraftMC Networks


Sky Factory 2.5.4:
Sky Factory 2.5(latest version):
Space Astronomy:
Project Ozone 2(Normal Mode):
Project Ozone 2(Titan Mode):

We host the best CrundeeCraft, Revenge Of The C-Team, CrainerCraft, Golden Cobblestone, Sky Factory, Simply Magic, Space Astronomy, Sky Factory 2.5 and ModSauce 2 servers! Our servers are optimized to be at peak performance with very little lag to make your modding experience top of line and enjoyable! We have multiple custom mods and plugins that enhance your modded minecraft experience and protect your creations, bases, and everything else!

  • Online 24/7
  • AntiGreif Protection and more!
  • Player made economy with our Market System that is synced across servers of the same modpacks!
  • Custom Plugins and mods built to enhance your gameplay and experience.
  • Awesome Voting rewards!
  • Family Friendly!
  • Few Banned Items!
  • Create Cities for you and your friends!
Don't waste your time, so many banned items including any auto mining restricted to donators, and even if you have money to throw away, the server is super laggy
Posted 25th Oct 2016
These servers are amazing! They have an amazing community and a great set of admins regulating the servers. if you want a lag-free gaming experience, play here!
Posted 10th Sep 2016
"Lag free", not really, can't even mine a block without doing it 10 times and watching it reappear
Posted 4th Sep 2016
Extremely unneeded number of banned items that can be fixed easily, ANY form of auto-mining is donator only and the staff do not listen to people who offer help on how to fix the banned items.
Posted 22nd Aug 2016
The server and community was okay
Frequent lag spikes
Unhelpfull staff that punishes on an accusation based on bs
Only cares about donators
Posted 12th Aug 2016
I am new to the server and everyone made me feel welcomed to the game and even gave me things to help me out it is a great server
Posted 10th Aug 2016
So much block lag and server is unresponsive, also quarries are restricted to donators, even ender quarries
Posted 28th Jul 2016
Best Modded network out there. Helpful staff, lag free servers. <3
Posted 4th Jul 2016