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GrandiCraft Servers!


GrandiCraft Servers
Resonant Rise 3 Mainline • FTB Inventions • Simply Magic
AT Launcher • FTB Launcher • Third-Party

Inventions Description:
With most of our other 1.7.10 content, balance and extended progression are focus points when designing unique packs; however, these core concepts have been thrown out the window with FTB Inventions. This modpack is designed for the creative styled builder, designer and ultimate factory builder. For the first time ever resource gathering is eased by equivalent exchange and the main focal point is building and large technology based mods. Want to make a spawn city come to life with friends or an over complicated factory mass producing most items in the pack? If so then FTB Inventions is for you! --Inventors, dust off your wrenchs and prepare to dive into a world where the sky is the limit!

Simply Magic Description.
Simply Magic is an Hardcore Questing Pack in which players are walked through core magic mods without the comforts of vanilla or otherwise "technological" armors and weapons. Quests are provided supplemental to in-game documentation and provide a tutorial-like experience to those that wish to learn magic mods without the hardcore aspects that other magic-themed packs demand. Additional documentation is provided in-game for core gameplay changes, and players will also find an array of automation-themed challenges for those that wish to prove their mastery in magic.

Partnered with DeVco
Silly yet fun, GrandiCraft

If anybody is looking for incredible staff and a community with a nick for support, then this is the community for you! I have played on all of their servers, and I can wholeheartedly say that everybody I have spoke to have welcomed me to their shiny new network. Yes, this server is new (at this moment) however, that is no reason to put off joining!
Posted 16th Oct 2016
awesome staff and player i love it
Posted 16th Oct 2016
Gradicraft is quite a new modded minecraft network. I have played on their Simply Magic server and so far it is delightful. There are few banned items and helpful staff members. The staff members fix the problems as quick as they can ,and they are all very helpful. I am glad to have joined this network.
Posted 16th Oct 2016