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Modded minecraft

Modded minecraft





Right to Rebel is proud to present...

Available on the ATLauncher...

A Minecraft 1.10.2 pack with something old and something new.

Are you fed up and bored with yourself for starting a new Minecraft pack and server and doing the same mods over and over because they are mods which you know well and don't have to learn? Well this is the pack for you, with all your favorite mods which you CAN'T play with until you learn a new mod or a mod which is not widely known in 1.7.10.

Well known mods such as Draconic Evolution, Calculator, EnderIO, Mekanism, Immersive Engineering, RFTools and more, which you love to play with ...... you CAN'T .... until you unlock them through learning other mods.

With new and not widely known mods such as Ember, Roots, Agricultural Revolution, MineColonies, Super Circuit Maker and more.

A modpack made and designed by b0bst3r (Bevo's Tech Pack maintainer) with the permission of using BevoLJs name.

How to get Started -

We have a dedicated staff.
Friendly atmosphere.
Teamspeak available (


1 - No griefing, Duping, Hacking, or exploiting.
2 - No Quarrying in the Overworld, Nether. or End. You may only quarry in the AromaCore miningworld.
3 - All rTr Members are required to be on Teamspeak while on an RtR server.
4 - Racist, sexist, xenophobic, and other offensive speech will not be tolerated.
5 - Gifting technology & game breaking items is highly frowned upon (All Staff will discourage it and will confiscate items if deemed necessary).
6 - No AFK devices. A 3 strike system is applied to this.
7 - No hack-usations.
8 - No visual diarrhea. This includes ugly block towers and leaving explosions everywhere.
9 - No non-consensual PvP. No Holy Wars.

To Join

Simply download ATLauncher go to Bevo's Superstitions, create an Instance, then join us at

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