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Oracle - MC Infinity Evolved


Welcome to Oracle-Mc! Here at Oracle we offer an elite FTB infinity gaming experience. Over the years Millions of people have played Minecraft. Over those years Millions of dollars have been donated to Minecraft multiplayer servers. Here at Oracle-Mc we want to change how that money is spent. 55% of ALL donations go to charity, so instead of taking all the money we like to help those who need it more than us. The other 45% goes towards server cost per month so we can keep bringing you a great professional server so please come and join the Oracle-Mc Community you won't regret it.

Here at Oracle-Mc we have a great auto rank system to reward players for playing our server! Oracle is a Towny server so you and your friends can have tons of fun with no worry of being raided. The Oracle staff has worked very hard to make the server as good as possible. Here at Oracle every day when you vote you get in game cash and vote credits! You also have a chance of getting a special prize! The credits you recieve from voting can be used to buy items from our in-game shop!

-Bringing you the best FTB experience

Change a life. Make a difference. Play with Oracle!

I have had some horrible experiences on other FTB servers and am so glad to have found Oracle. My experience here has been the best I have ever found on an FTB server and I highly recommend trying this one out. I sincerely doubt you will be disappointed.
Posted 16th Oct 2016
Huh? An FTB server that actually really rocks? Never thought I'd find one - BUT here it is.
I have owned my own custom server for more than a year with huge custom modpack etc. etc. but since my programmers became "absent" it has been impossible to run it and so I found myself looking for a server to play on. I have been on COUNTLESS FTB servers - first thing that hits you is the lag - and it hits you hard!
I would like anyone considering joining this server to know:
It is truly AWESOME
Incredibly run with on the spot, ready to jump mods.
The concepts used here are amazing - between Towny, Oracle tokens and the marketing system having been put together to perfection, this server is a real joy to play on and I loooove the economy!
Thank you guys for offering us such a fabulous place to use our creative minds! I revere your programmer and the mind behind the creation of this server!
Posted 15th Sep 2016
Awesome staff ,friendly players, best server to play on.
Posted 13th Sep 2016
Seriously great server! fun staff who can take a joke and constant support! Wouldn't change servers for a million $$$$$$$ :0
Posted 13th Sep 2016
Most insane server EVER I love it so so so much the staff is amazing and the server is put together nicely.
Posted 13th Sep 2016
super laggy, wouldn't recommend it
Posted 4th Sep 2016
Honestly one of the best servers I've played on. I've known the staff here for over a year now and they're really good people!
Posted 13th Jul 2016
I like the server, It didnt seem like a p2w server. I voted and got a block of draconuim off a lucky vote.
Posted 13th Jul 2016