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Escapereality - FTB Hermitpack


Dedicated and monitored server.
No donations/pay2win store
External voice/text chat.
Active owner.
No chain of command. You speak directly to the owner.
Great support. I always try to help out as much as possible.

Server hosted in Sweden.

Introduce yourself:
IGN (minecraft username):
Where do you live? (County):
How long have you been playing with mods:
The last modpack you played:
What do you enjoy doing:
Discord link(text+voice chat):
Think of it as a clientless teamspeak/mumble. It's free and easy to use.

How to connect:
Get curse client.
Go to minecraft tab. (If tab not visible enable it under settings/pugins)
Browse all Modpacks
Search for FTB hermitpack
Install FTB Hermitpack (latest version).
Go back.
Select Play when the pack has finished installing.

Join to get whitelisted. Just direct message Vauxite.

-Saudi Arabia.
-I have been playing it for a while... well the great part of this year.
-I played CrackPack 1.7.10.
-I enjoy exploring mods and taking my time with stuff... like Psi, Roots and other mods from other modpacks like thaumcraft.
Posted 13th Oct 2016
United States
I've been playing with mods since i started playing minecraft since 2012.
The last mod-pack i played was FTB Evolved and eventually my server died out making me search for somewhere new.
My favorite things to do is build and progress within the mod-pack trying tor each endgame.
Posted 12th Oct 2016