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Brierie Server Network [1.7.10 - 1.11.2 ]

Many Servers Including 1.10.2 Se

Many Servers Including 1.10.2 Se

Hosting most of the FTB Server Modpacks!
Big Community

Big Community

A great friendly gaming community!


A dedicated TS3 server


An intuitive webstore with PayPal & PaymentWall

If you are trying to join our Servers below minecraft version 1.7.10 do not use the IP but the IPS provided below.

Our Lobby:

Brierie Lobby [1.7- 1.11 ONLY]:

Our Modded 1.10.2 Network:

  • FTB Beyond:
  • SkyFactory 3:
  • FTB DW20:
  • FTB Infinity Lite:
  • FTB HermitPack:

Our Modded 1.7.10 Servers:

  • FTB CrackPack:
  • FTB Inventions:
  • FTB SkyFactory 2.5:
  • FTB Infinity Evolved SkyBlock:
  • FTB Infinity Evolved HardMode:
  • FTB Infinity Evolved:
  • FTB Horizons DayBreaker:
  • FTB DW20 [1.7.10]:
  • FTB Departed:
  • FTB Cloud9:
  • FTB Regrowth:
  • FTB Lite3:
  • FTB Mage Quest:
  • SkyFactory 2:
  • Agrarian Skies 2:

Our Modded 1.6.4 - 1.5.2 Servers:

  • FTB Horizons:
  • FTB Monster:
  • FTB Unleashed:

Our Vanilla MC 1.11.2 Network:

  • Brierie Adventures 1.11.2:
  • Brierie Skyblocks 1.11.2:

Non MC Servers:

  • Ark:
  • Wurm Unlimited:
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0.0:
  • StarMade:

With over 10,000 registered members Brierie Servers are the up and coming Minecraft Server hosters. We host many servers like SkyFactory 3, DW20 1.10.2, HermitPack, Infinity Evolved, CrackPack, Departed, DW20 [1.7.10] Cloud9, Skyfactory 2, Unleashed and Vanilla servers and much more!
At Brierie we make sure that our players only have the best experience Brierie has a great selection of plugins that compliment the FTB mods like Towny Boseconomy Mobdisguise and so on We have an amazing close nit community that works together to build great factories and buildings which all come together with the Towny plugin Either make your own town and try to rise up in the ever growing towns of Brierie forge alliances with other towns to make a great empire If your not one for making your own town there is always other towns open for you to join Become the meanest trader out there build your shop empire and out price all your components Our staff are always on 24/7 an are out there to help you with any problems At Brierie we have made sure you the player has a challenging but enjoyable adventure.

So far this server is satisfying all I want with a minecraft modded server :D
Posted 23rd Mar 2017
I like the server a lot. I would like to see a lot of improvement on the lag - knowing it's a huge server I know it can take some time. But sometimes it lags me so badly I can mine and then it returns the block and I must re-mine it. Another issue that happens often is not being able to keep items but then it gets swept so often. It would be nice to have a long and tedious task to some sort of in game talisman or object so we can hold our inventory. It would help greatly. Another is griefing I know when gone for a long moment of time your house if not paid/protected will be left to harm but I've left a couple months ago to then return to all my items being taken and then destroyed the house/griefed it'd be nice to have a permanent land keeping even if we leave that can withdraw from our banks no matter if we leave the server. Overall, fantastic server and welcoming community. Love it guys keep up the good work.
Posted 18th Mar 2017
Very cool server with alot of mods that actually work. Not alot of people on the ftb infinty lite 1.10 but that doesn't stop you of playing the server. :)
Posted 12th Mar 2017
I joined this server a few days ago to try and find a lag-free, 99.9% uptime server where me and a friend could do a playthrough on. And I must say this server is by far the best I've found. The staff are very helpful and can assist with anything you need. The server has virtually no lag, and if it does lag it clears up shortly. 9/10 will be coming back here.
Posted 11th Mar 2017
Overall it is good however there is some lag and staff could be on more
Posted 8th Mar 2017
this server says if you review on this server you get 8 tier 3 solar panels
Posted 7th Mar 2017
I've been playing on the server for a couple days now. The community is extremely friendly whenever someone needs help, specially since I'm trying to get my own Sky Factory going.

Ultimately everything that you could expect with a server, you can find here. It's quite amazing. If anyone asked for a good Sky Factory server, I would definitely recommend this one to them 100% of the time.
Posted 5th Mar 2017
It is often very bogged down and generally slow, but moderators are kind and helpful when active.
Posted 4th Mar 2017
Brierie Servers is a very popular and productive group of server. My friend and I can lose ourselves for hours,

A very good community with very helpful staff. Definitely would recommend.

Posted 22nd Feb 2017
This is a fun server with a great community and kind staff
Posted 22nd Feb 2017
Funny server, i'm currently haveing good times in here :D
Posted 20th Feb 2017
Fun server, gives lenient start to ease grind, nice mods
Posted 14th Feb 2017
good server to play with friends on if you don't know how to make a own moded server :D
Posted 10th Feb 2017
This server is good but can be improved by not forcing people to buy items with real money and it can also be improved by adding a chat filter. I really like that this server has rewards for those people which vote .
Posted 10th Feb 2017
I love this server.... i never have lag, good community. good grief protection and fair prices for the towns, i love it!
Posted 6th Feb 2017
This server is really cool and fun, with a very helpful community
Posted 5th Feb 2017
No words to describe my amazingness level at this server (EPIC)
IGN: Nez_111
Posted 4th Feb 2017
Decent server! Straight forward and pretty easy to get to grips with!
Posted 4th Feb 2017
On the whole... there are no words for this server. To say it is excellent still does not do it justice. I play several different mod packs, and I have yet to find one that is not particularly well thought our=]t and the staff knows and responds to any request unless you are a newbie asking for items. This server is a joy and I really do not have bad comments concerning it at this time.
Posted 28th Jan 2017
Great server, cannot wait to see it progress as it gets more players !
Posted 24th Jan 2017
I have been on this server for almost a year now, and its the only server i have really liked over time,
mostly cause of the people on it and the staff.
must give extra credits for the quick response on tickets and general questions.
there is also wery little lag on a normal day.
Posted 18th Jan 2017
I liked this server, because i'm playing Sky Factory 3 with no problems and this server no has banned blocks!
Posted 12th Jan 2017
Its pretty good so far i havnt seen any issues yet so ya.
Posted 10th Jan 2017
This server is great, i enjoy it and i find it enteraining, to the fact i play it too much to half 1 in the morning.
Posted 8th Jan 2017
Horrible Staff, Horrible Owner, Lots of lag. They reward for positive reviews, that's the only reason they're getting 5/5 reviews from players.

Save yourself some time and headache by playing on a different server.
The server replied:
First of i would like to apologise for any issues you have had, may i ask exactly what has happened?

You can either send me a personal message or post a support ticket on our website :

You said there is lots of lag, what server are you referring to as you have not stated which server is having the lag issues.
Also to add to your point about rewards for reviews, we give out the reward for any review, not for just a good review.
Posted 30th Dec 2016
Good player, great and helpful staff, no banned items that I really care about, minimal lag too
Posted 26th Dec 2016
The server is stable, and does not have large lag spikes. I like the community the most, because as soon as I joined I was already helped by the community. Worth your time to play for sure.
Posted 22nd Dec 2016
Server is nice and the people are friendly. I love playing with them.
Posted 7th Dec 2016
I was well received on the server, no lag, players help each other.
It is a server where I will spend some time playing without a doubt!
Posted 21st Nov 2016
Overall friendly people and helpful staff, but not overly cuddly and protective. I don't particularily like the nation-system for claiming. The server is running smoothly, all though there is block lag in irregular intervals. Pretty good experience on several modpacks on these servers, I keep coming back for more.
Posted 20th Nov 2016
It a new experience for me to use any modpack. If i played Minecraft before my Computer was to bad for it. Now it's a great Challenge to collect all the things needed for the progress. I like the people, cause all of them are nice to me. And I like the Modpack, because it's funny to learn some new things in Minecraft.
Posted 9th Nov 2016
Server is good and Towny is cool however the staff do not analyse situations properly and when your stuff gets taken they do not care. I was repeatedly harassed and killed and I ended up getting banned because I argued with the mod for my stuff back. some of the other users were rude and insulting they kill you for know reason and take all your earnd gear there is no way of getting it back. its more like a hunger games server. overall bad experiance
Posted 19th Oct 2016
Great capacity and best use of TOWNY Mod I've ever seen. Helpful and active staff and community. Only a little lag sometimes when breaking stuff.

Posted 12th Oct 2016
I think this is a great server it has a nice and helpful community that helps people out giving them tips and hints on how the mods work. I have yet to meet a person who has not been helpful. I would like to see a bigger admin shop that contains lots of items that players can buy.
Posted 25th Sep 2016
ocasionalmente hay lag al moverse y en quitar bloques
Posted 5th Sep 2016
very good enviroment overall
Posted 4th Sep 2016
This server has a really great and friendly community with many plugins and, if you have a problem or you need something there are many friendly guys they would help you.
Posted 29th Aug 2016
love it love it love it love it love it
Posted 25th Aug 2016
Dear readers,
I like this server because it has a very good anti-greafer protection, even AE2 systems are very good protected, of course, if u have a claim. But I dont like that tps last for 10 seconds, its too much, on other servers is 5 seconds or less. But anti griefing protection covers this problem.
Your faithfully, _JAY_3
Posted 1st Aug 2016
its a good server, the reason for the -1 star is there is sometimes lag
Posted 22nd Jul 2016
Absolutely loving it. The lag isn't bad at all, the rules are fair and friendly, the staff is phenomenal. No complaints whatsoever. Thank you for having me be a part of this.
Posted 22nd Jul 2016
the server is very pleasant the community surrounding it are very helpful, not very responsive at some points but helpful none the less . It has a nice feature with the towny plugin which is very nice if you don't want to accidentally kill your friend while playing as you can "purchase Land". another nice command made available is the /rtp command which teleport's you to a random location. the cons about this server is that it experiences Lag spikes more often than none as well as only being allowed to buy so many plots of land. with this mod pack there are items that depend on the "slaughterhouse" which has been put on the Banned items list for being broken and that means that a big part of Minefactory reloaded is not available which complicates some things. other than the above mentioned things the server is good and would derfinately still recommend it to my peers.
Posted 15th Jul 2016
1 of the best Servers i've ever played on. They have Servers for nearly all Ftb Packs, very friendly and helpful people. the staff answer very fast on tickets.
Posted 11th Jul 2016
Great community, just plain fun to play on it.
Posted 11th Jul 2016
This is the best Modded towny server I ever been on, perfect staff and community!
Posted 11th Jul 2016
uptime is gr8, no autistic staff, decently configd, no autistic rules, etc
Posted 11th Jul 2016