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EMB - Infinity Evolved - Expert mode [2.6.0]


Welcome to Eat My Beast Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved server, you will find :

  • A Powerfull Dedicated Minecraft Server (RAID SSD + 32GB ECC RAM)
  • Welcoming & helpfull staff
  • Few banned items
  • Little to no lag
  • A bunch of great plugins
  • An always up to date server
  • TS & Discord... and much more !

Join us now @

Very few of the staff members are helpful. Every fourth player is a staff btw. The creator of the server is hot-headed and I have witnessed him banning many players for in-game glitches.
Many good players left the server because of so many dramas happening there. Very few servers are running smoothly by ETB.
I recommend you pick something else.

Personal experience: I've been voting and attending other players for a long time. One staff member muted me without giving out a reason. Shut the thread about my complain and nobody ever addressed that issue again; because that staff is a friend and most trusted by the boss EVEN though many people don't like him cuz he is - sorry for the language - a dick. I'm not the only one who left this server just because of him. It can get that annoying.

If this server is ever to bloom, re-pick your staff if you care enough.
Posted 7th Apr 2017
Runs very smoothly. Well maintained.
Posted 12th Jan 2017