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Webshock, an FTB Infinity Evolved Server started January 1st 2016 with one server, this server. After many months we've grown and prospered, the server was made for and evolved around the community members.


Important Information & Rules

Banned Items

No need to register! Join and get started on your endeavors here at Webshock, tell a friend too! Our server offers Towny for land claim protection, LWC for container protection, and Prism in the event the first two layers of protection fail so as any damage done can be undone and the perpetrator banned.

There's an in-game economy! You can purchase an area at our market area and set up shop using ChestShop to trade!


I play on this server since May 2016, and they recently make some resets. this server is really good, the staff is funny, mature and sometimes they do event. it doesn't have lags. they take care of the servers, few banned items, very cool and helping community. try it, the map is virgin; other servers which have 50+ people don't.
Posted 14th Oct 2016