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Nice Trip Gaming

Nice Trip Gaming


Immerse yourself in a invitingly friendly environment, unbiased and mature staff, few banned items and more! Not only does the community sustain its own dynamic economy, alongside that are plenty of towns, secrets, and so much more!

Bored? Try our spleef arena and be sure to stick around during game nights where we play a little game we like to call 4 corners, the winner's of each match win rare mystery crates!

Join or create your own empire, chat with our friendly community and staff, climb to the top and earn your riches, and most importantly have fun! Why not give us a try?

normal difficulty

I play on this server since May 2016, and they recently make some resets. this server is really good, the staff is funny, mature and sometimes they do event. it doesn't have lags. they take care of the servers, few banned items, very cool and helping community. try it, the map is virgin; other servers which have 50+ people don't.
Posted 14th Oct 2016