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The GoonSquad Community

The GoonSquad

The GoonSquad

The GoonSquad

The GoonSquad

The GoonSquad

The GoonSquad

The GoonSquad

The GoonSquad

The GoonSquad Community

Server Info

FoolCraft - 1.3.2
Server IP:

Direwolf20 - 1.8.1
Server IP:

SkyFactory3 - 3.0.8
Server IP:

FTB Infinity Lite - 1.8.0
Server IP:

FTB Beyond - 1.5.3
Server IP:

AllThemods - 2.54b
Server IP:

Our Website:

We are TheGoonSquadEU en we have just started this brand new Community. The modpacks we run are a few of the first available Minecraft 1.10.2 modpacks and we are happy that we have managed to get these servers up and running using these packs. Now we need players and that's where you come in, currently we don't have any whitelisting on the servers so just come and join our servers!

We communicate using Discord. Use this link to join our network on Discord:
You can use Discord either by using your browser or by downloading the application.
We recommend you use Discord because this is a communication platform that makes it very easy for players to communicate with the admins on the servers.

We also have an Enjin website that you can join:
On this website we will also post the latest news for our server and keep you up to date.

We hope to see you on our server!



  1. Ingame Currency/Jobs to use in In-Game shops.
  2. Able to create your own PlayerShop
  3. Timed ranks which all have their own extra perks.
  4. Discord server with active admins who you can talk with.
  5. Donation Store if you feel like donating to support our server.
  6. Only items banned that cause the server to lag/crash
  7. Updates as soon as we can

Extra Info

Rules can be found here: Rules
Ranks can be found here: Ranks

Because 1.10.2 modpacks are still in quite early development there a quite a few bugs. We will try and do our best to fix these problems, but for some we will have to wait for the modpack authors to update the pack and fix these bugs.
Also note that currently the admins are European which mean there might not be Admins online during the night (22:00 - 10:00 GMT +1)

Loving the server so far.
Would really like to see a limited chunkloading system like 2 chunks per 30 days spent on the server.
Posted 26th Mar 2017
this is an amazing server
Posted 19th Mar 2017
Amazing server. Very nice and helpful staff.
Posted 9th Feb 2017
Good stuff nice people cool community
Posted 16th Jan 2017
Good Server however, the server randomly restarts and its very obnoxious
Posted 7th Jan 2017
Good Server. Nice people. Not much is banned.
Posted 28th Dec 2016
The server is great and all but I have been banned for Stealing/griefing from another player. I have never done anything like this :/
My username is GhostGaming_HD
Posted 26th Dec 2016
Really fun server allot of nice people that will help you with your problems. Admins and mods always working to give you the best experience. Yes there was a time with really bad lag but the admins fixed it and now its really smooth over a week no constant lag at all.
Posted 16th Dec 2016
Very nice people! I've been playing on this server for a while now and I've been having a great time. The admins are nice and they help very quickly if there is a problem. (however there is not always an admin online during US times)
There has been some lagg in the past but the admins are activly working on fixing this and it seems much better now than a week ago.

Thanks for hosting this server guys! Keep up the good work.
Posted 3rd Dec 2016
"Donation Store"

It's either a store, or a 'donation'. If you're giving items in return for 'donations' that's called a SALE, not a donation. Servers like this don't deserve your play time or your money. Where exactly is that money going? Certainly not into preventing lag.
Posted 2nd Dec 2016
I don't know the community very much but the lag makes the server pretty umplayable, i get random 15 to 20s freezes its very obnoxious.
The server replied:
Not going to say that there is no lagg at all anymore but these 15-20 seconds feezes have been fixed. And we are working on getting rid of the lagg altogether but from my understanding there is no server around that has 0 lagg.
Posted 24th Nov 2016