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PGN : Infinity Evolved

Our spawn

Our spawn

Where your adventure begins
Player-run market

Player-run market

Barter with other players

Here on PGN's Infinity Evolved server, you'll find an exciting selection of over 150 mods, an active staff team and a vibrant community. With a modpack this large, lag is always a concern: so we work hard to minimise it for an enjoyable experience. We try to keep banned items to a minimum, and are always working to unban more. Battle for technology, power, or complete domination - the world is waiting for you.


[1] No hacked clients or malicious mods
[2] Do not exploit bugs or glitches, report them!
[3] No offensive language in chat, swearing IS allowed
[4] Don't advertise, spam, beg, whine, panhandle or disturb chat
[5] Don't use mining world items in the overworld (List at spawn)
[6] Don't circumvent safe zones, such as the mining world
[7] Don't unfairly PVP (e.g. tp-killing, logging, puppets etc.)
[8] Be respectful to all players, no matter their rank
[9] Staff word is final, report any issues to them

Banned Items:

Most explosives (except TNT)
Rod / Terra Firma
Rod / Plentiful Mantle
Mana Lens / Bore
Sacred Rubber Sapling
Sacred Oak Sapling
Imbued Fire
Machinist's Workbench
Project Bench
Imperfect Ritual Stone
Book Binder
Descriptive Book
Magic Beans
External Distributor
Ender Collector
Slotted Book
Routed Firewall Pipe
Certus Quartz Tank
Particle Generator
Self Augmentator
Melee Aggregator
Complex Spell Crystal
Frame Motor
Frame Linear Actuator
Shard of Laputa

Limited Items:

RFTools Dimensions - /kit dimlet to use at 16 hours playtime
Wand focus: portable hole - enabled at 16 hours playtime
Destructive shape cards - limited to mining world
Turtles - limited to mining world
Ender Quarry/Quarry - limited to mining world
Arcane Bore - limited to mining world
Bound shovel/pick/axe - enabled at 32 hours playtime
Mining laser - enabled at 32 hours playtime

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