This is a YogCraft server With Esssentials And Worledit and I might be getting Groupmanager Just i need good perms and ranks So until then we will stick with only one staff Admins/Op/Owners.
Welcome to YogCraft Nation i am the Owner! Jared I am on A lot and somtimes you will see my Co-Owner! Lyons2000... We both love the server and hope it gets big So please vote! and we will do drop partys! If this server gets big like it plans you members will be living the dream!

If you wanna donate /mail me ingame or skype msg me jaredaranda
Donations are alaways helpfull because you can hire people to setup things on the server over the Company this is a 10 gig server with Good Cpu and A lot of ram so dont worry if it crashes might be because of lag machines or others...
Well this is a PvP/Grief/Raid Server!
Anyone that Pvpes in spawn or near spawn will be Banned.
No hack Cleints Allowed please.
There is no Banned Items.
Just Dont dupe Please
And have Fun!