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This server listing has been archived Free the Beast!!! (read description)

Title Free the Beast!!! (read description)

This is Sharkbot and Bri's Feed The Beast Server.

Intel Xeon E31245v2 (Ivy Bridge) 32G DDR3 memory 2x120GB Intel SSD hard drive NIC Giga Ethernet 100mbps up and down dedicated connection

No Items Banned. That is how we want to play, and that is how you want to play. This is PvP but we encourage a good and friendly community, so come join us!

REQUIRED - Portal Gun Mod. You will need an updated version of the mod which can be found here:

Rename File to "" and replace the old one in your mods folder. -Youtube Tutorial:

For further assistance or to just chat with us Please join our TeamSpeak:

See you soon.

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