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EpicHubers Revamped


Welcome to EpicHubers hope you decide to stay this is a FTB infinity evolved server that just happens to have PvP in it while i am not talking about the survival world i am talking about arenas that we hope to have out soon we have a small economy set up to help you along the way to your epicness on this server
while this is great and all we ask that some of you consider running for a staff position on this server as we are under staffed
so if you love growing a community please consider the following positions
Admin(this is an iffy as this requires us having a good deal of trust in you)
Builders(we may have made a few good builds but our building skills are mediocre)

if you are interest in any of these go ahead and hope strait to our discord server

Good Luck and have fun hope to see you there

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