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Desolation Magic World [FTB][Survival][PVP]

Desolation Magic World [FTB][Survival][PVP]

IP: Magic World here!

And as always, remember this is technically the beta of Magic World for FTB. There will be some bugs, crashes, expect some lag. Overtime this will be slowly worked out.

Staff: Owner: TheMapp Admins: Priestt

  • Server Rules - PVP is ON What you can do: Steal anything that isn't protected. Destroy bases that are not protected.

What you cannot do: You cannot use 3rd party tools to gain an advantage, hacking will get you banned regardless if you donated or did not.

Mods: Buildcraft EnderStorage Forestry Ironchest Mystcraft Obsidiplates OmniTools Railcraft SoulShards SteevesCarts Thaumcraft Thermal Expansion Twilight Forest Commands Protection: /lock /share [name] [Region Name] /unshare [name] [Region Name] /setregion [regionname] Creeper damage is disabled.

Player Commands: /spawn /home /sethome & /sethome [name] /delhome[name] /warp [name] /summon [name]

Whitelist app: Age: IGN: Have you been banned before? If so why? Will you abide by the rules?

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