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Paradise Beast | Monster 1.1.0 | 40 Slots | Survival | 24/7 |

Paradise Beast | Monster 1.1.0 | 40 Slots | Survival | 24/7 |

Welcome to Paradise Beast!?

We are a friendly community and have been around for quite a while now. The Monster world is still brand new and nearly untouched on the large biomes setting. At the moment we're running three servers:

Paradise Monster - Monster 1.1.0 -

Vanilla Servers Lost Paradise - Survival 1.7.4 Paradise Lost - Creative 1.7.4

This server uses a global whitelist system. Which means if you get whitelisted you can play on any of the above servers we run.

We do offer the option to hop on the server without being whitelisted to get a first impression of our servers. Logging in without being whitelisted means you won't be able to interact with blocks or place/mine blocks, neither can you use commands. But this is a great way to check your latency and the community.

Please check the rule on our forum:,928.0.html

It all started on the Tekkit launcher where we ran a Tekkit Classic server. The community decided to switch to Feed The Beast and here we are now. We've run several modded servers in the past: Tekkit Classic, Ultimate and Unleashed.

How to get whitelisted? To get whitelisted on our server please follow these simple steps:?

  1. Go to our forum:

  2. Register an account on the forum.

  3. Make an application thread in the "Server Access Applications" sections following the guidelines of the sticky in this section.
  4. Wait for your approval by our moderators.
  5. Enjoy the realm of Paradise-Minecraft.

Server Specifications

Intel Core i5-4670K 16 GB DDR3-1600 OS running from dedicated SDD Minecraft Servers running on dedicated SSD's Cloud and Local Backups 80/20 mb internet connection?

Plug-ins Running

Prism Essentials GriefPrevention SimpleChestLock Always open to suggestions for other plugins.


We also have our own Teamspeak Server: you will be given the login details when you join the server.?

Owner TheKhemist?

Moderators ArgonFox J20Green Widnesian14?

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