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SkyFactory3 1.10 | 50 slots (only Reset on 100%)


Open SkyFactory3 version (3.0.4) Server with 50 Slots.!!

The Rules :
Have Fun!
Respect others on the Server
Don't ask to be OP
I will show 2-3 times a day how far the Server(quests) is.

If the Quests and Server are at 100% clear,
I will make a Video Report of the Server and i will save The Map Online,
so you can download and view the Server in the Video i will Upload on my Channel.

If Problems are there pls comment this post or write me privat!!!

If there are Teams pls let me know in the Comments :D

And now i Hope you will have Fun on the Server :D

Server broke. Can't break any leaves when first starting.
The server replied:
is Fixed i forget to set the Spawn-Protection to zero XD
Posted 12th Jan 2017