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Bloodtide Corp - Techworld 2 -Short Ban List - KeepItems - MyTown - LWC

Bloodtide Corp - Techworld 2 -Short Ban List - KeepItems - MyTown - LWC

About the Server

Bloodtide Corp is a friendly server running the FTB Techworld 2 Mod pack We are an open server with a Mining Age, Twilight Forest, Nether and End resets every 2 week. Backups are done every day and server runs 24/7. Come visit our Website at The servers difficulty is set to normal. PVP is on but so is KeepInventory, great for head collectors.


This is a English speaking server. Please speak in English when typing in Global or help channels No foul language in the global channel on the server. If you swear/curse you will be jailed and if you continue after you have been jailed then you will get banned. No Bullying other players The banned items are gravity gun, chunk loaders, nukes, builders, age book, portal gun and

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