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DensityCraft Network!


You might ask yourself, "Why should you play on our servers?"
Well here is why!

FTB Infinity Expert Mode
FTB Infinity Normal Mode
FTB Infinity Skyblock
And more to come!

We have been hosting servers for 3 years and have tons of experience!
We have custom plugins and patches!
99.9% uptime!
Lag Free Playing enviroment!
Amazing staff ready to help!

Server Specs:
Intel i7-4790k 4.0 Ghz
32gb Ram
2 x 240Gb SSD

Its so fun and the community is very friendly and the admins / mods / devs are very nice and are good to help
Posted 16th Oct 2016
Extremely awesome server. Responsive mods, admins, an active dev fixing bugs instead of banning items, i'd reccomend this to anyone with FTB Infinity or Infinity Skyblock
Posted 16th Oct 2016
The server works well after checking others this one was the most lag free for me. Things just work and I don't have to worry about the many of the problems on other servers such as entities being deleted constantly before I can even pick up what I mined, or the smelter not melting ores because of lag. I don' t have those problems on this server.

The staff answers questions and deals with problems in a mature manner, and its really been a pleasure to play on this server.
Posted 15th Oct 2016
This server is great, I've tried a few out and usually found immature staff, or technical problems with the server itself. I can really appreciate the attentiveness the team puts into DensityCraft and anytime there is a problem, it's fixed promptly. The community is helpful, and personable, and the best part is... NO LAG (and I'm from the UK) !

I don't have to wait ages for my furnace to work. 10/10 would play again.
Posted 13th Oct 2016
-This server runs at 20 TPS. Even at peak times
-Custom fixes for items that are normally, universally banned across all servers
-Fun, progressive play style. Towny is integrated, and modified by the resident developer to work with FTB flawlessly. (ME terminals can't be accessed in protect areas for example)

-VERY few banned items, and they are fixing the problems with them allowing them to be allowed again.

Awesome, professional staff team. It's just a great server overall.
Posted 30th Sep 2016